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All categories MTH (Metathesaurus Names) 1990AA      MTHCH (CPT Hierarchical Terms (UMLS)) 2011AA      MTHFDA (FDA National Drug Code Directory) 2011AB      MTHHH (HCPCS Hierarchical Terms (UMLS)) 2011AA      MTHHL7V2.5 (HL7 Version 2.5, 7-bit equivalents) 2005AC      MTHICD9 (ICD-9-CM Entry Terms) 2011AB      MTHICPC2EAE (ICPC2E Am Engl) 2004AB      MTHICPC2ICD107B (ICPC2-ICD10 Thesaurus, 7-bit) 2005AB      MTHICPC2ICD10AE (ICPC2-ICD10 Thesaurus, Am Engl) 2005AB      MTHMST (Minimal Standard Terminology (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHMSTFRE (Minimal Standard Terminology French (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHMSTITA (Minimal Standard Terminology Italian (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHSPL (FDA Structured Product Labels) 2011AB     

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C0002978 ENG MTHHHAngiography
C0002978 ENG MTHHHAngiography
C0006856 ENG MTHHHCanes
C0006856 ENG MTHHHCanes
C0010397 ENG MTHHHCrutches
C0010397 ENG MTHHHCrutches
C0011331 ENG MTHHHDental Procedures
C0011331 ENG MTHHHDental Procedures
C0013314 ENG MTHHHDurable Medical Equipment
C0013314 ENG MTHHHDurable Medical Equipment
C0013786 ENG MTHHHStimulation, Electrical
C0013786 ENG MTHHHStimulation, Electrical
C0015417 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Eye
C0015417 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Eye
C0015755 ENG MTHHHFee, Pharmacy
C0015755 ENG MTHHHFee, Pharmacy (CMS Temporary Codes)
C0015755 ENG MTHHHFee, Pharmacy
C0015755 ENG MTHHHFee, Pharmacy (CMS Temporary Codes)
C0021113 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants
C0021113 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants
C0022885 ENG MTHHHLaboratory
C0022885 ENG MTHHHLaboratory (CMS Temporary Codes)
C0022885 ENG MTHHHLaboratory
C0022885 ENG MTHHHLaboratory (CMS Temporary Codes)
C0023319 ENG MTHHHIntraocular Lenses
C0023319 ENG MTHHHIntraocular Lenses
C0024671 ENG MTHHHMammography
C0024671 ENG MTHHHMammography
C0032743 ENG MTHHHImaging, PET
C0032743 ENG MTHHHImaging, PET
C0033612 ENG MTHHHSafety Equipment
C0033612 ENG MTHHHSafety Equipment
C0041208 ENG MTHHHTrusses
C0043016 ENG MTHHHWalkers
C0085203 ENG MTHHHStereotactic Radiosurgery
C0085555 ENG MTHHHHospice
C0085672 ENG MTHHHMicrobiology Tests
C0087111 ENG MTHHHTherapeutic Procedures
C0150571 ENG MTHHHMonitoring Equipment
C0180256 ENG MTHHHWheelchair, Cushions and Protection
C0181607 ENG MTHHHSpectacle Lenses
C0181622 ENG MTHHHPatient Lifts
C0183827 ENG MTHHHUltraviolet Cabinet
C0199616 ENG MTHHHPacemaker Monitor
C0200810 ENG MTHHHPathology, Surgical
C0202533 ENG MTHHHSemen Analysis
C0204076 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures
C0204169 ENG MTHHHPreventative Dental Procedures
C0204193 ENG MTHHHOrthodontics
C0204217 ENG MTHHHRestorative Dental Procedures
C0205010 ENG MTHHHTrimming, Nail
C0220792 ENG MTHHHWhirlpool Equipment
C0221445 ENG MTHHHV Codes
C0337184 ENG MTHHHRestraints
C0352068 ENG MTHHHRemoval, Cerumen
C0398523 ENG MTHHHAspiration, Bone Marrow
C0430533 ENG MTHHHDiagnostic Dental Procedures
C0441134 ENG MTHHHVascular Catheters
C0492856 ENG MTHHHWheelchair Accessories
C0499162 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Standard
C0499164 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Lightweight
C0499167 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Heavy Duty
C0545386 ENG MTHHHProsthodontics, removable
C0545405 ENG MTHHHProsthodontics, fixed
C0587569 ENG MTHHHPhysician Services
C0700632 ENG MTHHHEndodontics
C0733778 ENG MTHHHLow Vision Aids
C0776760 ENG MTHHHOstomy Supplies
C0812876 ENG MTHHHTransport Services Including Ambulance
C0812877 ENG MTHHHMedical and Surgical Supplies
C0812879 ENG MTHHHIncontinence Appliances and Care Supplies
C0812880 ENG MTHHHExternal Urinary Supplies
C0812881 ENG MTHHHMiscellaneous Supplies
C0812882 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment
C0812883 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Other Durable Medical Equipment
C0812884 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Radiologic Procedures
C0812886 ENG MTHHHAdditional Ostomy Supplies
C0812887 ENG MTHHHAdditional Incontinence Appliances/Supplies
C0812888 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Either Incontinence or Ostomy Appliances
C0812889 ENG MTHHHDiabetic Shoes, Fitting, and Modifications
C0812890 ENG MTHHHMedical and Surgical Supplies - Dressings
C0812892 ENG MTHHHAdministrative, Miscellaneous and Investigational Supplies
C0812893 ENG MTHHHEnteral and Parenteral Therapy Supplies
C0812894 ENG MTHHHEnteral Formulae and Enteral Medical Supplies
C0812895 ENG MTHHHParenteral Nutrition Solutions and Supplies
C0812896 ENG MTHHHEnteral and Parenteral Pumps
C0812899 ENG MTHHHDental Test and Laboratory Examinations
C0812922 ENG MTHHHDental Procedures - Maxillofacial Prosthetics
C0812923 ENG MTHHHDental Procedures - Implant Services
C0812946 ENG MTHHHAdjunctive General Dental Services
C0812953 ENG MTHHHDecubitis Care Equipment
C0812954 ENG MTHHHBath and Toilet Aids
C0812955 ENG MTHHHHospital Beds and Accessories
C0812956 ENG MTHHHOxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment
C0812958 ENG MTHHHHumidifiers/Compressors/Nebulizers for Use with Oxygen IPPB Equipment
C0812959 ENG MTHHHSuction Pump/Room Vaporizers
C0812961 ENG MTHHHPneumatic Compressor and Appliances
C0812964 ENG MTHHHInfusion Supplies
C0812965 ENG MTHHHTraction - Overdoor
C0812966 ENG MTHHHTraction - Extremity
C0812967 ENG MTHHHTraction - Pelvic
C0812968 ENG MTHHHTrapeze Equipment, Fracture Frame, and Other Orthopedic Devices
C0812969 ENG MTHHHRollabout Chair and Transfer System
C0812970 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Fully Reclining
C0812971 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Semi-reclining
C0812972 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Amputee
C0812973 ENG MTHHHWheelchair - Special Size
C0812976 ENG MTHHHAdditional Oxygen Related Equipment
C0812977 ENG MTHHHArtificial Kidney Machines and Accessories
C0812978 ENG MTHHHJaw Motion Rehabilitation System and Accessories
C0812979 ENG MTHHHOther Orthopedic Devices
C0812980 ENG MTHHHTemporary Procedures/Professional Services
C0812987 ENG MTHHHChemotherapy Drugs
C0812996 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Spinal
C0812997 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Spinal - Cervical
C0812998 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Spinal - Multiple Post Collar
C0812999 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Spinal - Thoracic
C0813013 ENG MTHHHHalo Procedure
C0813017 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Scoliosis Procedures
C0813020 ENG MTHHHOther Scoliosis Procedures
C0813022 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Lower Limb
C0813024 ENG MTHHHLegg Perthes
C0813032 ENG MTHHHAdditions to Straight Knee or Offset Knee Joints
C0813033 ENG MTHHHAdditions: Thigh/Weight Bearing - Gluteal/Ischial Weight Bearing
C0813034 ENG MTHHHAdditions: Pelvic and Thoracic Control
C0813035 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Procedures - General Additions
C0813037 ENG MTHHHArch Support, Removable, Premolded
C0813038 ENG MTHHHArch Support, Non-removable, Attached to Shoe
C0813039 ENG MTHHHAbduction and Rotation Bars
C0813040 ENG MTHHHOrthopedic Footwear
C0813041 ENG MTHHHShoe Modification - Lifts
C0813042 ENG MTHHHShoe Modification - Wedges
C0813043 ENG MTHHHShoe Modification - Heels
C0813044 ENG MTHHHMiscellaneous Orthopedic Shoe Additions
C0813045 ENG MTHHHOrthopedic Shoes - Transfer or Replacement
C0813046 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Upper Limb
C0813052 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Upper Limb - External Power
C0813055 ENG MTHHHAbduction Positioning, Custom Fitted
C0813056 ENG MTHHHAdditions to Mobile Arm Supports and SEWHO
C0813061 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb
C0813062 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Partial Foot
C0813063 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Ankle
C0813064 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Below Knee
C0813065 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Knee Disarticulation
C0813066 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Above Knee
C0813067 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Hip Disarticulation
C0813068 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Hemipelvectomy
C0813074 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Immediate Postsurgical or Early Fitting Procedures
C0813075 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Initial Prosthesis
C0813076 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Preparatory Prosthesis
C0813077 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Additions to Lower Extremity
C0813078 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Additions to Test Sockets
C0813079 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Additions to Socket Variations
C0813080 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Additions to Socket Insert and Suspension
C0813081 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Additions/Replacements to Feet-Ankle Units
C0813082 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Additions to Exoskeletal Knee-Shin System
C0813083 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Component Modification
C0813084 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Lower Limb - Endoskeletal
C0813085 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Upper Limb
C0813086 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Partial Hand
C0813087 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Wrist Disarticulation
C0813088 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Below Elbow
C0813089 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Elbow Disarticulation
C0813090 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Above Elbow
C0813091 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Shoulder Disarticulation
C0813092 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Interscapular Thoracic
C0813093 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Upper Limb - Immediate and Early Postsurgical Procedures
C0813094 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Endoskeletal: Below Elbow
C0813095 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Endoskeletal: Elbow Disarticulation
C0813096 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Endoskeletal: Above Elbow
C0813097 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Endoskeletal: Shoulder Disarticulation
C0813098 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Endoskeletal: Interscapular Thoracic
C0813099 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Additions to Upper Limb
C0813100 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Terminal Devices
C0813103 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Gloves for Above Hands
C0813104 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Hand Restoration
C0813105 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - External Power
C0813106 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - External Power - Base Devices
C0813110 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - General
C0813112 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Socks
C0813113 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Integumentary System
C0813114 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Head (Skull, Facial Bones, and Temporomandibular Joint)
C0813115 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Upper Extremity
C0813116 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Lower Extremity (Joint: Knee, Ankle, Toe)
C0813117 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Miscellaneous Muscular-Skeletal
C0813118 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Implants - Cardiovascular System
C0813121 ENG MTHHHOther Medical Services
C0813123 ENG MTHHHPathology and Laboratory Services
C0813124 ENG MTHHHChemistry and Toxicology Tests
C0813125 ENG MTHHHPathology Screening Tests
C0813126 ENG MTHHHMiscellaneous Pathology and Laboratory Services
C0813127 ENG MTHHHQ Codes - Temporary Codes Assigned by CMS
C0813129 ENG MTHHHDiagnostic Radiology Services
C0813131 ENG MTHHHVision Services
C0813132 ENG MTHHHVision Services - Frames
C0813134 ENG MTHHHSingle Vision, Glass, or Plastic
C0813135 ENG MTHHHBifocal, Glass, or Plastic
C0813136 ENG MTHHHTrifocal, Glass, or Plastic
C0813137 ENG MTHHHVariable Asphericity Lens, Glass, or Plastic
C0813138 ENG MTHHHVision Services - Contact Lenses
C0813139 ENG MTHHHVision Services - Spectacle Lenses - Miscellaneous
C0813140 ENG MTHHHHearing Services
C0813141 ENG MTHHHSpeech-Language Pathology Services
C0851270 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level I Preferred Terms, Obsolete
C0851272 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Modifiers
C0851273 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level II National Modifiers
C0851274 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level I National Modifiers
C0851276 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level II Preferred Terms, Obsolete
C0879399 ENG MTHHHTositumomab
C0919277 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level II National Modifiers, Obsolete
C0919279 ENG MTHHHA Codes
C0919280 ENG MTHHHL Codes
C0993650 ENG MTHHHHCPCS Level II Preferred Terms
C0994326 ENG MTHHHBehavioral Health and/or Substance Abuse Treatment Services
C1112446 ENG MTHHHWound Closure
C1140607 ENG MTHHHCommodes
C1154181 ENG MTHHHInhalation Solutions
C1300299 ENG MTHHHTeam Conference
C1321594 ENG MTHHHPeriodontics
C1328956 ENG MTHHHTelehealth
C1458060 ENG MTHHHIPPB Machines
C1623258 ENG MTHHHElectrocardiogram
C1947905 ENG MTHHHAttachments
C1971535 ENG MTHHHMiscellaneous Surgical Supplies
C1971536 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Dialysis
C1971538 ENG MTHHHMiscellaneous Service Component
C1971539 ENG MTHHHC Codes - CMS Hospital Outpatient System
C1971540 ENG MTHHHWheelchairs and Accessories
C1971543 ENG MTHHHOrthopedic Shoe Inserts, Removable, Molded to Patient Model
C1971544 ENG MTHHHProsthetic Procedures - Repairs
C1971547 ENG MTHHHTemporary National Codes Established by Medicaid
C2004436 ENG MTHHHTherapy, Activity
C2065019 ENG MTHHHTranscutaneous and/or Neuromuscular Electrical Nerve Stimulators - TENS
C2092432 ENG MTHHHKnee Orthotic (KO)
C2092433 ENG MTHHHAnkle-Foot Orthotic (AFO)
C2092438 ENG MTHHHTorsion Control: Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthotic
C2092480 ENG MTHHHAncillary Orthotic Services
C2114389 ENG MTHHHAssessment/Intervention
C2368625 ENG MTHHHNegative Pressure Devices
C2368626 ENG MTHHHSpeech Generating Devices
C2368627 ENG MTHHHGait Trainers
C2368628 ENG MTHHHVaccine Administration
C2368630 ENG MTHHHPatient Documentation
C2368632 ENG MTHHHOrthotic Devices - Cervical-Thoracic-Lumbar-Sacral - Anterior-Posterior-Lateral Control
C2368633 ENG MTHHHAdditions to Spinal Orthoses
C2368635 ENG MTHHHScoliosis - Thoracic-Lumbar-Sacral Orthotic (Low Profile)
C2368636 ENG MTHHHScoliosis - Thoracic-Hip-Knee-Ankle Orthotic (THKA)
C2368637 ENG MTHHHHip Orthotic - Flexible
C2368638 ENG MTHHHHip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthotic or Any Combination
C2368639 ENG MTHHHAdditions to Fracture Orthotic
C2368640 ENG MTHHHAdditions to Lower Extremity Orthosis: Shoe-Ankle-Shin-Knee
C2368641 ENG MTHHHShoulder Orthotic
C2368643 ENG MTHHHWrist-Hand-Finger Orthotic (WHFO)
C2368645 ENG MTHHHShoulder-Elbow-Wrist-Hand Orthotic (SEWHO)
C2368646 ENG MTHHHFracture Orthoses - Upper Limb
C2729298 ENG MTHHHMedical and Surgical Supplies - Gradient Compression Stockings
C2729299 ENG MTHHHRespiratory Durable Medical Equipment, Inexpensive and Routinely Purchased
C2729300 ENG MTHHHMedical and Surgical Supplies - Helmets
C2729301 ENG MTHHHSupplies for Radiology Procedures (Radiopharmaceuticals)
C2729302 ENG MTHHHDental Procedures - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
C2729303 ENG MTHHHTraction Equipment - All Types and Cervical
C2729304 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Cervical
C2729305 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Prostate
C2729306 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Colorectal
C2729307 ENG MTHHHTraining Services - Diabetes
C2729308 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Glaucoma
C2729309 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Colorectal, Other
C2729310 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Cytopathology
C2729311 ENG MTHHHService, Nurse and OT
C2729312 ENG MTHHHStudy, SEXA
C2729313 ENG MTHHHScreening Services - Cytopathology, Other
C2729314 ENG MTHHHServices, Allied Health
C2729315 ENG MTHHHDestruction Procedures
C2729316 ENG MTHHHPhysician Services, Diabetic
C2729317 ENG MTHHHPhysician Services, Foot Care
C2729318 ENG MTHHHDemonstration, INR
C2729319 ENG MTHHHStereotactic Radiosurgery Delivery
C2729320 ENG MTHHHImaging, PET - Breast Cancer
C2729322 ENG MTHHHDialysis, Emergency
C2729323 ENG MTHHHInjection, Arthrography
C2729324 ENG MTHHHPlacement, Occlusive Device
C2729325 ENG MTHHHAngiography, Arthroscopy
C2729326 ENG MTHHHPlacement, Transcatheter
C2729327 ENG MTHHHProcedure, Non-Covered
C2729328 ENG MTHHHElectromagnetic Therapy
C2729328 ENG MTHHHTherapy, Electromagnetic
C2729329 ENG MTHHHServices, Pulmonary Surgery
C2729330 ENG MTHHHRadiosurgery, Robotic
C2729331 ENG MTHHHIslet Cell Transplant Services
C2729332 ENG MTHHHMapping, Vessel
C2729333 ENG MTHHHServices, Observation and ED
C2729334 ENG MTHHHUltrasound, AAA
C2729335 ENG MTHHHTeam, Trauma Response
C2729336 ENG MTHHHHome Sleep Study Test
C2729337 ENG MTHHHExamination, Initial Medicare
C2729338 ENG MTHHHServices, Social, Psychological
C2729339 ENG MTHHHTreatment, Bone
C2729340 ENG MTHHHEducational Services, Rehabilitation, Telehealth, and Drug Screening
C2729341 ENG MTHHHInfluenza A (H1N1) and Warfarin Responsiveness Testing

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