Medical Terminology

AIR (AI/RHEUM) 1995AA      ALT (Alternative Billing Concepts) 2009AA      AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus) 2002AC      AOT (Authorized Osteopathic Thesaurus) 2006AD      BI (Beth Israel Problem List) 1999AA      CCPSS (Clinical Problem Statements) 2000AA      CCS (Clinical Classifications Software) 2005AC      CHV (CHV) 2011AA      COSTAR (COSTAR) 2002AD      CPM (Medical Entities Dictionary) 2003AC      CPT (CPT) 2011AA      CPTSP (CPT Spanish) 2001AC      CSP (CRISP Thesaurus) 2006AB      CST (COSTART) 1999AA      DDB (Diseases Database) 2001AA      DMDICD10 (ICD-10 German) 1997AA      DMDUMD (UMDNS German) 1999AA      DSM3R (DSM-III-R) 1990AA      DSM4 (DSM-IV) 1995AA      DXP (DXplain) 1995AA      FMA (Foundational Model of Anatomy) 2011AA      GO (Gene Ontology) 2011AB      GS (Gold Standard Alchemy) 2011AB      HCDT (Current Dental Terminology in HCPCS) 2011AA      HCPCS (HCPCS) 2011AA      HCPT (CPT in HCPCS) 2011AA      HHC (Home Health Care Classification) 2003AB      HL7V2.5 (HL7 Version 2.5) 2005AC      HL7V3.0 (HL7 Version 3.0) 2006AC      HUGO (HUGO) 2011AB      ICD10 (ICD-10) 2004AB      ICD10AE (ICD-10 Am Engl) 1998AA      ICD10AM (ICD-10 Austral Mod) 2000AB      ICD10AMAE (ICD-10 Austral Mod Am Engl) 2002AD      ICD10CM (ICD-10-CM) 2011AA      ICD10DUT (ICD10, Dutch Translation) 2004AB      ICD10PCS (ICD-10-PCS) 2011AA      ICD9CM (ICD-9-CM) 2011AB      ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) 2009AA      ICF-CY (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth) 2009AA      ICNP (ICNP) 2011AB      ICPC (ICPC) 1998AA      ICPC2EDUT (ICPC2E Dutch) 2004AB      ICPC2EENG (ICPC2E) 2004AB      ICPC2ICD10DUT (ICPC2-ICD10ENG Thesaurus Dutch) 2005AB      ICPC2ICD10ENG (ICPC2-ICD10 Thesaurus) 2005AB      ICPC2P (ICPC-2 PLUS) 2006AB      ICPCBAQ (ICPC Basque) 2000AA      ICPCDAN (ICPC Danish) 1999AA      ICPCDUT (ICPC Dutch) 1999AA      ICPCFIN (ICPC Finnish) 1999AA      ICPCFRE (ICPC French) 2000AA      ICPCGER (ICPC German) 2000AA      ICPCHEB (ICPC Hebrew) 2000AA      ICPCHUN (ICPC Hungarian) 1999AA      ICPCITA (ICPC Italian) 1999AA      ICPCNOR (ICPC Norwegian) 1999AA      ICPCPOR (ICPC Portuguese) 1999AA      ICPCSPA (ICPC Spanish) 2000AA      ICPCSWE (ICPC Swedish) 2000AA      JABL (Congenital Mental Retardation Syndromes) 2000AA      KCD5 (KCD5) 2009AA      LCH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) 1992AA      LNC (LOINC) 2011AB      LNC_BRADEN (Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk) 2011ABv LNC_CAM (Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)) 2011AB      LNC_FLACC (Faces, Legs, Activity, Cry, and Consolability (FLACC) Scale) 2011AB      LNC_MDS20 (Minimum Data Set, 2.0) 2011AB      LNC_MDS30 (Minimum Data Set, 3.0) 2011AB      LNC_OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set) 2011AB      LNC_PHQ_9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) 2011AB      LNC_RHO (Routine Health Outcomes Ltd. (RHO)) 2011AB      LNC_WHO (Patient Monitoring Guidelines for HIV care and antiretroviral therapy (ART)) 2011AB      MCM (Glossary of Clinical Epidemiologic Terms) 1992AA      MDDB (Master Drug Data Base) 2011AB      MDR (MedDRA) 2011AB      MDRCZE (MedDRA Czech) 2011AB      MDRDUT (MedDRA Dutch) 2011AB      MDRFRE (MedDRA French) 2011AB      MDRGER (MedDRA German) 2011AB      MDRHUN (MedDRA Hungarian) 2011AB      MDRITA (MedDRA Italian) 2011AB      MDRJPN (MedDRA Japanese) 2011AB      MDRPOR (MedDRA Portuguese) 2011AB      MDRSPA (MedDRA Spanish) 2011AB      MEDCIN (MEDCIN) 2011AB      MEDLINEPLUS (MedlinePlus) 2011AA      MMSL (Multum) 2011AB      MMX (Micromedex) 2011AB      MSH (Mesh) 2011AB      MSHCZE (MeSH Czech) 2011AA      MSHDUT (MeSH Dutch) 2005AB      MSHFIN (MeSH Finnish) 2008AA      MSHFRE (MeSH French) 2011AA      MSHGER (MeSH German) 2011AA      MSHITA (MeSH Italian) 2011AA      MSHJPN (MeSH Japanese) 2011AB      MSHLAV (MeSH Latvian) 2011AA      MSHPOL (MeSH Polish) 2011AA      MSHPOR (MeSH Portuguese) 2011AA      MSHRUS (MeSH Russian) 2011AA      MSHSCR (MeSH Croatian) 2011AA      MSHSPA (MeSH Spanish) 2011AA      MSHSWE (MeSH Swedish) 2010AA      MTH (Metathesaurus Names) 1990AA      MTHCH (CPT Hierarchical Terms (UMLS)) 2011AA      MTHFDA (FDA National Drug Code Directory) 2011AB      MTHHH (HCPCS Hierarchical Terms (UMLS)) 2011AA      MTHHL7V2.5 (HL7 Version 2.5, 7-bit equivalents) 2005AC      MTHICD9 (ICD-9-CM Entry Terms) 2011AB      MTHICPC2EAE (ICPC2E Am Engl) 2004AB      MTHICPC2ICD107B (ICPC2-ICD10 Thesaurus, 7-bit) 2005AB      MTHICPC2ICD10AE (ICPC2-ICD10 Thesaurus, Am Engl) 2005AB      MTHMST (Minimal Standard Terminology (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHMSTFRE (Minimal Standard Terminology French (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHMSTITA (Minimal Standard Terminology Italian (UMLS)) 2002AA      MTHSPL (FDA Structured Product Labels) 2011AB      NAN (Classification of Nursing Diagnoses) 2004AB      NCBI (NCBI Taxonomy) 2011AB      NCI (NCI Thesaurus) 2011AB      NCISEER (NCI SEER ICD Mappings) 2002AD      NDDF (National Drug Data File) 2011AB      NDFRT (National Drug File - Reference Terminology) 2011AB      NEU (Neuronames Brain Hierarchy) 2000AA      NIC (Nursing Interventions Classification) 2007AA      NLM-MED (Medline Data) 2002AD      NOC (Nursing Outcomes Classification) 2007AB      OMIM (OMIM) 2011AB      OMS (Omaha System) 2007AC      PCDS (Patient Care Data Set) 1999AA      PDQ (PDQ) 2007AB      PNDS (PNDS) 2011AA      PPAC (Pharmacy Practice Activity Classification) 1999AA      PSY (Psychological Index Terms) 2005AB      QMR (Quick Medical Reference) 1998AA      RAM (Clinical Concepts by R A Miller) 2000AA      RCD (Read Codes) 2000AA      RCDAE (Read Codes Am Engl) 2000AA      RCDSA (Read Codes Am Synth) 2000AA      RCDSY (Read Codes Synth) 2000AA      RXNORM (RXNORM) 2011AB      SCTSPA (SNOMED Terminos Clinicos) 2011AB      SNM (SNOMED 1982) 1991AA      SNMI (SNOMED Intl 1998) 1999AA      SNOMEDCT (SNOMED Clinical Terms) 2011AB      SPN (Standard Product Nomenclature) 2004AA      SRC (Source Terminology Names (UMLS)) 1995AA      TKMT (TKMT) 2011AB      ULT (UltraSTAR) 1995AA      UMD (UMDNS) 2011AA      USPMG (USP Model Guidelines) 2005AC      UWDA (Digital Anatomist) 2003AC      VANDF (National Drug File) 2011AB      WHO (WHOART) 1999AA      WHOFRE (WHOART French) 1999AA      WHOGER (WHOART German) 1999AA      WHOPOR (WHOART Portuguese) 1999AA      WHOSPA (WHOART Spanish) 1999AA